Unicorn Bling Patch Set


  • Set of 2 x 100% embroidery patches
  • Unicorn= 5x6cm
  • Diamond= 6.7x5cm
  • Sticker backing. Simply peel off sticker backing and stick on desired area. 
  • The sticker is made sticky to stay on flat, rigid, smooth surfaces like bags, handphone, laptop etc for a long time and shouldn’t be removed once they have been applied.
  • Not suitable for application on clothing. 
  • studioBAB is not liable for any damage caused by the stickers or to the stickers themselves after application.
  • Black clutch shown in picture is 20(Length) x 13.5(Height)cm.

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    Identify the area to stick. Make sure the area is clean and dry. Peel away the white sticker backing behind the patch. Be sure to peel only the sticker paper and not the embroidery patch. Stick it on the desired area, applying pressure with your hands. To maximise connection, you can either leave a paperweight on it overnight or apply heat with a hairdryer over the area for about 10 secs.

    If the surface you are sticking on is not smooth, flat or rigid, you can use e8000 glue to stick the patches permanently on. Purchase it here. 



        Step 4: Bag Strap

        Step 5: Complete the Look