Monogram Label Pink


Chrome Tanned Calf Leather Label in Baby Pink. 
To create a monogram for your bag, we use a hot stamping machine and manually stamp with hand, foil characters on genuine leather labels. The monogrammed leather label is secured permanently on each bag with industrial leather glue.

Maximum monogram characters is 12 including spaces. width of leather label is 3.5cm and its length varies according to the number of characters. 

  • 10 to 12 characters = 5cm (Length) x 3.5cm (Width)
  • 1 to 9 characters = 4cm (Length) x 3.5cm (Width)

Monogram position is fixed for each product. Our monogram artist has identify the best position for the monogram label. Please look through the images in this page for your bag.

UPPER CASE Alphabet Characters in Point 14 Times New Roman are used for all bags and small leather goods. You have the option of 4 monogram foil colours.

The following special characters can be stamped-  ' $ ! & . '

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Not all bags have the option of monogramming. We do not recommend monogramming on some bags as the bag design does not look good with one.  Please look out for the "monogram available" logo for your bag selected. Otherwise through the images in this page and look for your bag to be sure that monogram is available. 

Goods are not returnable once monogram has been stamped. Our monogram artist will be happy to assist you should you have any questions on monogramming. Simply message or email us. 

Kindly allow us 1-2 more days to ship to you if monogram is required. 



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