Our Story


studioBAB wants to bring creativity, fun and emotions between you and your bag. The ‘Bab’ (B-ae-p) in our name simply means “Build-a-Bag”. studioBAB makes it easy for you to personalize your bag with the 5 BAB Steps. Create multiple looks with any single bag, just by changing its accessories. 
Our brand logo takes numerous forms, showing the versatility of creations at studioBAB. Change your bag according to trends, your mood and needs.  
What will you create today?
The 5 BAB Steps

studioBAB created the 5 Build-a-bag Steps to guide you through your creation.

Personalize your bag and make it your own with monogram, bag straps, charms, embroidery stickers and more.

Step 1: Bag and Small Leather Good

Choose a bag from our comprehensive range to suit your needs. Need a crossbody for hitting the club or a spacious tote for work? We have you covered.  

Step 2: Monogram Label

Add a monogram label to the bag and voila! Now, who can deny that the bag is your very own? Choose from 2 genuine leather labels and 4 foil colours.

Step 3: Charms and Stickers

Inject an element of fun to your bag. Stick an embroidery sticker on the front flap. Hang a bag charm at the side. Tie a silk twilly on the top handle. Go all out with sequins, fur and loud motifs. Otherwise be minimalist chic with a classic leather tassel.

Step 4: Bag Strap

Why settle for the basic strap? Upgrade to a decorative bag strap. Would the added strap match the bag? The only rule is that they are no rules.

Step 5: Complete the Look

Match your outfit with your bag. We have jewellery, small leather goods, stationery, apparel, shoes and more to help you put the look together.


Quality Assurance and Affordability

All products in studioBAB are handpicked with utmost care to be of quality, without breaking a hole in your pocket. And above it all, they are selected to inspire the creation of a bag that matches your style and personality. 


Why BAB?

Because it is just so much less fun to carry an off-the-shelf or branded bag! In an era of mass manufacturing and over-commercialization of luxury bags, we offer an alternative. We give you a stake in product creation, an avenue for self-expression. What better way to alleviate brand consciousness than to allow consumers to create their very own “brand”. 

Accessibility is key. Bespoke bag takes up too much time and money. Therefore we derived a 'modular customization model', providing ample custom options, without compromising on cost, time-to-shelf and product variety.


Bold Bags and Beyond

Looking at our 5th BAB Step ‘Complete the look’, you have a good idea the direction we are heading. studioBAB strives to bring the customized concept beyond bags and into apparel, shoes, stationery and lifestyle products. We will continue to expand our catalog with the same level of curation we do, for the products in our current catalog.